The Entrepreneurial Journey Begins

Share Your Entrepreneurial Intelligence -  let me introduce myself,
I'm a human achieving the title of sustainopreneur.

Me, In a Nutshell


The History

After growing up in Bihar, I wanted to experience a warmer climate, so I went to college in Jaipur. I recently started my own Directory & Listing firm so I have more time to travel with my wonderful friends!


Building a well connected society.


When I'm not on the entrepreneurial journey I  love to play badminton and college football games. When the weather is nice, I take my friends for hikes so I can pursue my passion for nature photography. 

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Favorite Places

I most recently traveled to The Pink City  and Patna. The sounds and energy of the deserts really envelopes you–it's like no place else. The Bikaner and naerby places are full gorgeous, bikaneri bhujia and super cool 'Ranthambor national park'! If you don't mind hot weather, you should check them both out!